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Airport Transfers to Hakuba

We recommend booking a private chartered taxi for quick and affordable transportation between Narita Airport or Haneda Airport and Hakuba.

Private Chartered Taxi

In recent years, the availability of chartered taxi services between the airport and Hakuba has significantly increased, reducing fares. These taxis offer a convenient, private door-to-door service that allows you to avoid the hassle of transferring or carrying your luggage. Plus, with prices on par with buses and trains, choosing a taxi makes sense financially and logistically. You'll also get to your destination faster and with less stress. By booking a chartered taxi, you can sit back and relax as you are comfortably transported to your accommodation.

Narita Airport to Hakuba Bus Timetable

CompanyJourney FromDepartureArrivalStopAdultChild
Nagano Snow ShuttleNarita Terminal 2 10:30 16:30Accommodation ¥11,250 ¥11,250
Alpico BusNarita Terminal 211:0017:05Happo Bus Terminal¥13,000¥11,000
Nagano Snow ShuttleNarita Terminal 215:3021:15Accommodation¥11,250¥11,250
Nagano Snow ShuttleNarita Terminal 2 20:30 1:45+1Accommodation ¥11,250 ¥11,250

Haneda Airport to Hakuba Bus Timetable

CompanyJourney FromDepartureArrivalStopAdultChild
Nagano Snow ShuttleHaneda Terminal 37:3013:15Accommodation ¥10,550 ¥10,550
Alpico BusHaneda Terminal 37:4013:15Happo Bus Terminal¥9,300¥7,300
Nagano Snow ShuttleHaneda Terminal 311:0016:30Accommodation¥10,550¥10,550
Nagano Snow ShuttleHaneda Terminal 316:0021:15Accommodation ¥10,550 ¥10,550

Hakuba Departures Bus Timetable

CompanyJourney fromDepartureArrivalStopAdultChild
Nagano Snow ShuttleAccommodation8:3514:15Haneda Terminal 3¥10,550¥10,550
Nagano Snow ShuttleAccommodation8:4514:15Narita Terminal 2¥11,250¥11,250
Alpico BusHappo Bus Terminal10:1016:05Narita Terminal 2¥13,000¥11,000
Nagano Snow ShuttleAccommodation10:3516:15Haneda Terminal 3¥10,550¥10,550
Alpico BusHappo Bus Terminal10:4016:27Haneda Terminal 3¥9,300¥7,300
Nagano Snow ShuttleAccommodation10:4516:15Narita Terminal 2¥11,250¥11,250
Nagano Snow ShuttleAccommodation14:0019:30Haneda Terminal 3¥10,550¥10,550
Nagano Snow ShuttleAccommodation16:4523:00Narita Terminal 2¥11,250¥11,250

Private Micro Bus

For groups of 8 or more, a private Micro Bus can be booked.

RouteMicro Bus 8 ~10 peopleMicro Bus 11 ~ 16 people
Narita <-> Hakuba¥155,000Add ¥15,500 per person
Haneda <-> Hakuba¥155,000Add ¥15,500 per person

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Powderhouse is the most impressive chalet in Hakuba Valley, making it an excellent choice for large family gatherings or group vacations with friends. Enjoy a private onsen experience with our large hot tub from the privacy of your own residence.

  • 18 Max Guests
  • 6 Bedrooms
  • 6 Bathrooms
  • 8 Toilets

The Moo

Introducing a new, spacious, and secluded chalet in the heart of Echoland. This two-level chalet boasts six bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, Completed in 2022; it provides a comfortable and luxurious getaway for you and your family.

  • 14 Max Guests
  • 6 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bathrooms
  • 5 Toilets
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