Hakuba Car Rental

Car Rental Hakuba

As Hakuba can be a bit car centric, renting a car is the perfect way to get around Hakuba in both the summer and winter.

Renting a car in Hakuba

The best place to rent a vehicle is in Nagano so that you can get a newer car with a proper English navigation system and you can avoid having to take the bus or taxi from Nagano to Hakuba.

Both Toyota Rent A Car and Nissan Rent A Car are located near the bullet train station, so it is easy to transfer to. This is also useful if you would like to return the vehicle to a different location, such as the airport.

If you are our guest, please let us arrange for the perfect vehicle for your holiday, or you can stay at one of our accommodations that includes a rental car on select dates during the winter.

If you want to rent a vehicle after you arrive in Hakuba, there are four rental car companies to choose from. All vehicles from these local shops will have 4WD and ski racks included.

Kibeje Car Rentals - the newest car rental shop in Hakuba with an extensive lineup of Nissan vehicles.

Windy Car Rental - the most experienced rental shop in Hakuba.

Hakuba Car Rental
- they tend to have well-maintained vehicles that the foreigners want.

Freedom Car Rental - started in 2018. Good clean cars.

Please remember to bring your valid international driver’s license as it is not possible to drive in Japan without it.

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