Kids Canoeing at Aokio Lake

Summer Season

Hakuba may be a skiers heaven but between May and November, it is transformed into a tranquil retreat with something for everyone.


Road Cycling & Mountain Biking

Enthusiasm for mountain biking is growing and Hakuba and the surrounding Nagano region are rich in exciting mountain bike trails offering scenic routes through small villages and around mountain lakes. Downhill mountain biking is also growing in popularity with some of the ski resorts building new trails.



Hakuba has a number of exciting canyons that can be experienced from May to October. Canyoning involves swimming, jumping, using ropes and cascading down whitewater chutes. Late spring and early summer have some of the highest water flow due to snow melt and spring rains. Our friends at Evergreen Outdoor Center offer a number of tours.

Hiking in Hakuba

Hiking and Walks

This is one of Hakuba’s main attractions during the summer months is hiking with hikers boarding the gondolas to reach the upper areas of the ski fields and carry on hiking a number of trails through the Japanese Alps. There are a number of tour operators in the valley. Please ask up for details.



During the summer months, you will see dozens of paragliders riding the thermals. Hakuba is a great place to get an interdiction to the sport with a number of operators offering tandem jumps. Hakuba is the Paragliding capital of Japan with the best in the world coming to Hakuba in 2010 for the World Cup event held at Happo One.


Rafting, Kayaking & Canoeing

With a couple of different large rivers and several lakes in the area, Hakuba Valley is perfect for water sports. There are a number of different tours you can go on in the area. Please let us know what you are looking for and we’ll try and match you with a tour.



The past few years, Hakuba has see a surge in interest in SUP or stand up paddle boards. Aoki Lake is popular due to the lack of motor boats and the fresh crystal clear waters delivering a full-body workout and a refreshing dip in the hot summer temperatures. There are a few places on the lake offer board rentals.

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