Kyoto To Hakuba

Kyoto to Hakuba

Choose from one of three ways to get to Hakuba from Kyoto. We recommend the bullet train + express train + bus combo as being the most comfortable.

Kyoto to Hakuba Bullet Train + Express Train + Bus

Bullet train from Kyoto Station to Nagoya Station, then transfer to the Shinano express train to Nagano Station, then transfer to the bus from Nagano to Hakuba. This is the easiest way to reach Hakuba from Kyoto. Estimated time and cost for both the bullet train and bus: 4 hours, ¥10,840 per adult and ¥5,900 per child.

There is a new scenic route through Kanazawa that has opened up with the completion of the Hokuriku Shinkansen. From Kyoto take the limited express train to Kanazawa, at Kanazawa switch to the bullet train going to Nagano. Once you get to Nagano, you can take the bus or a chartered taxi to Hakuba. Estimated time and cost for both train and bus: 4.5 hours, ¥15,890 per adult and ¥8,000 per child.

Kyoto to Hakuba Bus

If you’re young, there is a Kyoto to Hakuba overnight bus from Kyoto Station to Happo Bus Terminal. It leaves around 23:55 and arrives at approximately 6:55 in the morning. Estimated time and cost: 7 hours, cost ¥8,000.

CompanyJourney fromDepartureArrivalStopAdultChild
AlpicoKyoto23:556:55Happo Bus Terminal¥8,000¥4,000

Car Rental from Kyoto to Hakuba

Rent a car in Kyoto and drive to Hakuba. Estimated time and cost: 4 h 50 min, rate depends on car size, but a Toyota Noah will run you around ¥18,000 per day from Toyota Rent a Car. Tolls are approximately ¥6,290 if you use the toll road.

Please remember that if you are coming to Hakuba in the wintertime that you will need to reserve winter tyres as a special option with availability depending on the pick-up location.

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