Narita To Hakuba

Narita to Hakuba

Choose from one of several different ways to get to Hakuba from Narita. We recommend the Chuo Taxi for smaller groups and the private Veltra Bus for larger groups.

Express train + Bullet Train + Bus from Narita to Hakuba

The fastest way to reach Hakuba from Narita is to take the Keisei Skyliner express train from Narita to Ueno (41 mins). At Ueno, switch to the Shinkansen to Nagano Station and take the bus to Hakuba. Estimated time and cost: 4 hours, cost ¥12,260.

  • Once you clear customs, check with Jorudan or Google Maps for the best route and times and proceed to the Skyliner ticket desk outside customs.
  • You can only purchase a Skyliner ticket to Ueno at the Skyliner desk as they are not part of the Japan Railway Group, so you will need to buy your bullet train ticket in Ueno.
  • If you want a chance to get a better seat on the bullet train to Nagano, you can take the Narita Express from Narita to Tokyo Station, the starting point for the bullet train to Nagano. The drawback is that it takes longer, and Tokyo Station is busier than Ueno Station.
  • Once you arrive at Ueno, follow the signs pointing to the JR Station, where you can purchase your shinkansen tickets and board the train bound for Nagano Station. Look for the JR EAST Travel Service Center in front of the bullet train gates on the left-hand side.
  • From Nagano Station, you can either take the bus or a chartered taxi. (please see - Nagano to Hakuba)

Bus from Narita to Hakuba

All direct buses from Narita to Hakuba are cancelled for the 2021/22 season due to COVID-19. (Will update shortly)

Chartered Taxi from Narita to Hakuba

CompanyFareNumber of passengers
Alpico Taxi¥168,700Up to 7
Chuo Taxi¥122,400~Up to 7

There are now 3 taxi companies offering a chartered taxi service from Narita, with a Toyota HiAce van meeting your party at the airport and transferring you to the front door of your Hakuba accommodation. Estimated time and cost: 5 to 6 hours, ¥122,400~ for the chartered jumbo taxi.

  • The taxi is chartered for groups of 7 adults, meaning your taxi is private and there is no waiting for other passengers.
  • Groups smaller than 7 adults can secure a chartered taxi by paying the rate for 7 adults, thus ensuring that you do not need to wait for any other parties. Only Chuo Taxi offers the shared taxi for ¥17,200 for adults, ¥8,000 for children 12 and under and ¥4,000 for children 6 and under. (WE DO NOT RECOMMEND BOOKING THE SHARED TAXI, AS IT CAN SOMETIMES TAKE 8 HOURS DUE TO WAITING ON OTHER GUESTS)

Private Bus from Narita to Hakuba

Hiring a chartered bus that goes door to door may be the way to go for larger groups. As it is private, you won't miss your transfer if your flight is delayed, and it takes you directly to your accommodation in Hakuba. Please be aware that the bus's capacity depends on how much luggage your group has.

CompanyJourney FromUp to 21 PassengersUp to 27 PassengersUp to 60 Passengers

Car Rental from Narita to Hakuba

Rent a car at Narita and drive to Hakuba. Estimated time and cost: 4 hours, the cost depends on car size, but a Toyota Noah will run you around ¥102,816 per week from Samurai Rental Car. Much cheaper than public transportation and gives you the flexibility to come and go as you please.

Also, with Samurai Rental, snow tires, GPS, child seats, insurance and no refill on the return are included in the rates! And for now, they have a 10% discount code - ZA13012517.

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